Monday, October 22, 2007

Raikkonen, F1 World Champion!!

Incredible but true!! Congratulations to Raikkonen and Ferrari for a great season!!

Alonso couldn't make it this time but Raikkonen winning is fair enough for me! The miracle ocurred! Ron Dennis, Hamilton, his famous father and all the whole McLaren Mercedes team got what they deserved. They have being showing such an hypocritical behaviour all these months... and don't forget they stole Ferrari's designs for this year's car! And made Alonso's life impossible! I hope Fernando moves to a new team next year and can enjoy again as so many drivers did before. Raikkonen couldn't do anything for that team and has won his first championship in his first year in Ferrari!! Montoya left and he is doing fine in Nascar races... There is something rotten within the English team... Alonso vete de ahi ya!!

I know what I am going to say is cruel but they really deserve it: One year watching formula one, one year seeing how Alonso's performance was compromised for the stupidity of his own team, one final race with three pilots being able to win... Hamilton and McLaren losing everything... PRICELESS!!!!!

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Wild Runner said...

I saw that race and I also think that this end is the best since Alonso is not the Champion.

Alonso should left McLaren but ... what are his options? Moving to Ferrari to live the same situation ('cause Kimi is going to be in Ferrari)? Returning to Renault as a prodigal son after wining ... nothing? I'm not sure what is his best option. Maybe to be the 1st pilot in a new team ...

In a few weeks, we will find the answer, but Alonso is now in a complex situation.

PS: Los de telecinco son gilipollas. Justo cuando a Hamilton le falló el cambio, los cabroncetes estaban en publicidad ... joder.