Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday, I commented on my trip to Vienna with Jorge. Now, it is the turn for Budapest, where David joined us from Graz. The first thing to comment on Budapest is it is actually composed by several cities. On one side of the river, it is Pest; on the other, it is Buda and Obuda. Buda is maybe the nicest part with the castle on it. Pest has the Parliament, the Opera, some cool parks and several other things. By the way, one of the things I like better in Budapest than in Vienna is that the city lives "towards" the river. In Vienna, the Danube is not in the city centre... or at least you can avoid seeing it. In Budapest, it is impossible to avoid it. It is omnipresent, hehe...

This is Pest from the Citadel in Buda.

These are Jorge and David at the entrance of the Castle in Buda.

Views over Pest from the Castle were amazing. Here, the parliament and a beautiful church.

And this is the Fishermen's Bastion in Buda's Castle.

Afterwards, back in Pest, we came accross the Cathedral.

From Pest to Buda, the Bridge of the Chains is maybe the most beautiful one. And at night it is even better, with all this illumination!

And the Castle is also nice. A walk by the river bank is something not to miss in Budapest!

On the second day, we basically visited some Turkish Baths in Buda. We were there like for 3 hours! The baths were magnificent and of course, relaxing!! Not to be missed either!! The baths we went to were called Gellért Baths and they are supposed to be the most beautiful in town. These are David and me at the entrance.

And this is what one of the outer swimming pools looks like:

From there, we walked a bit more in Pest and walked to the train station. On our way there, the most outstanding sight we passed by was this great sinagogue.

A superb city which still feels quite an Eastern European city. The metro wagons were just like in Moscow!!

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