Monday, April 21, 2008

Los Angeles (I)

I was 4 full days in Southern California: from Friday to Monday. On Friday, I visited many professors at Caltech and went for dinner with some students. On Saturday, I decided to go visit the city on my own.

When I woke up in the morning on Saturday, I took a metro towards Los Angeles Downtown and got off at Union Station, Los Angeles main train station. Just outside, I found "El Pueblo de los Angeles", the original settlement from which the city was built. It looks very much like Mexican yet.

Then, I went to the financial area, with a lot of skyscraper. In this picture, the funny building is the Walt Disney theater.

My walk in LA downtown finished in Little Tokyo. It was just a square and a couple streets, but it was funny to find that in the middle of the city!

From there, I got on the metro again to go to Hollywood boulevard. From there, I could see the Hollywood sign in the nearby mountains.

And the place where Oscars are awarded, the Kodak Theater.

And of course, the boulevard with the stars on the ground. I found some famous "stars", but I did not know most of the people! There are several thousand stars!

After buying some punk/ska records, I went back to Pasadena. Pasadena turned up to be a nice city with a lively main street. And the most beautiful thing there was the City Hall.

That night, I went to have dinner to Yoshinoya (Havard, you heard it right! There is Yoshinoya in the States!) and went to bed. Next day, I was going to the beach to Santa Monica.

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