Friday, April 4, 2008

Egypt. Day 7: Hurghada

Next morning, we woke up at 7.30 and tried to get swimming wear to go snorkelling. We did not consider that was too early for a tourist resort such as Hurghada... we were not in Luxor any more! Shops opened at 8 or a bit later and it was really stressful. Finally, the owner of the hostel lent me his friend's swimming wear and Naoko could buy a cheap bikini in a souvenir shop! What a mess! hehe

After that initial stress (we arrived to the pick-up spot and the van was already waiting for us... we had to run to catch it!), it was time to relax. The first time I notice the Red Sea was something special was when we got into our ferry. The blue of the sea was incredible!! I had never see such a transparent and clean sea! You could easily see the bottom of the sea even if it was several meters deep!

After a while going into the sea, coral reefs appear and they could be easily seen from far away. Check this photo for a proof ;-)

We stopped twice in different coral reefs and went snorkelling around 45 minutes in each. The sea life was amazing: thousands of tropical fish with very lively colours and strange shapes!

Finally, we arrived at one island in the middle of the Red Sea and it looked like paradise! not kidding!! There, we stayed for 2 hours lying on the sand and snorkelling in some nearby coral reefs.

And now, one question: Do you know why the Red Sea is called Red Sea? It is because the desert arrives at the sea shore and the contrast of colours makes it look even more reddish... and the sea is named after that. Have a look at the next photo, it looks red, doesn't it?

After that, we just came back. Some of the guides in the ferry organised some games and pranks and we had a great time coming back. Once back in town, we just drink some beer, eat sea food and played pool. After that, we went to the bus station and got the tickets for the bus. Only 4 foreigners can get into the national bus... so we had to go quite in advance to get our tickets! By the way, on our way there, we stopped by a bar and watched football with Egyptians... but we didn't know what teams were playing! hehe...

In the bus stop, we chilled out and learnt to play bakgammon. Some guys taught us and we could play until 12.30, when we got into the bus bound for Cairo!

This is Naoko, trying to understand how to play bakgammon.

And this is our bus to Cairo.

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