Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Los Angeles (II)

For my second day in LA, I decided to take it easier and not to walk so much... Actually, I spent around 5 hours in public transportation! I started the day going to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

I walked along the most famous shopping and night life districts in Southern California, passing famous streets such as Melrose Avenue, Beverly Avenue... And the most luxurious street in all the city: Rodeo Drive (in the picture below)

Next, I went to the beach, to Santa Monica. It was really hot and the sea breeze could be nice at that time! Here is where "Bay Watch" was shot.

There was an area where people were showing off their muscles and doing some gumnastics... look at these guys... that's pretty hard, isn't it?!

After that, I came back downtown LA and went to the Staples Center, LA Lakers stadium. There is where Pau Gasol is teaching them how to play basketball ;-) Kidding...

Finally, I went to Long Beach, a traditionally workers' neighbourhood turned into a nice area. The sunset there was really nice.

LA had palm trees all around, that was so nice!

And after that, it took around 2.5 hours to get back to Pasadena! Next day I visited JPL and met Peter Siegel (my future advisor). That was on Monday. On Tuesday at 8am, I flew back to Amsterdam, where I arrived on Wednesday... quite a tight schedule!!

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