Sunday, April 20, 2008

Modern Art in the Streets of Prague

As promised, these are some photos of nice modern art pieces you can find just walking around the streets of Prague. Most of the statues have been built by David Cerny, a famous radical czech sculptor.

The first statue I wanna show to you is "The Piss" by Cerny. It is two guys pissing on a pool with the shape of the Czech republic... and the guys are moving so with the piss they write famous sentences in literature... and if you send an sms to them, they will say whatever you wrote in the sms... It is located at the entrance of Kafka's museum.

The second one is the Monument to the Victims of Communism. It represents a human being being destroyed little by little.

For the third one, also by Cerny, I had to sneek into a back alley and check the back courtyard of the German embassy. It is suppossed to be a homage to victims of nazism.

And this is the only cubist lamp post in the world.

This one is Cerny's again and it is mocking the famous Wenceslas statue located in the nearby square. Wenceslas is here sitting on a dead horse upside-down...

And this is Franz Kafka's monument:

And finally, the "hang-out" statue. Imagine you are walking along narrow streets turning all the time and suddenly you look upwards and see this... I can tell you you would surely laugh. By the way, it is Cerny's again.

To all these, you can add the babies crawling up the TV tower I posted yesterday and the Dancing Building. Quite a lot of modern art stuff you can see for free in this nice city!

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