Friday, April 25, 2008

Post #200!!

Yes, it is right, this is the post number 200 since I started writing seriously in this blog. If you have noticed, the map with my visits in the last year has been reset. Fortunately, I took a snapshot not to lose that information! And here it is, this is the map with the visits in the first year of this blog:

Let's keep up with this pace ;-)

By the way, I leave this evening for London where I will be until next Tuesday. After that, I will go to my hometown, Almansa, until next Sunday. There I will enjoy "Moros y Cristianos". The reason is next week there are several national holidays in the Netherlands and I felt like coming back home! I will try to tell you how I am doing from time to time! See you around!

By the way, the ticket for Bad Religion is no longer available.

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