Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prague (...and II)

Let us continue with Prague!

The next day, I wanted to focus on the New and Old Town (Nove Mesto and Stare Mesto). The previous night, I had been partying with my dorm mates in Stare Mesto and it looked quite promising. We had passed by the main square and this is what it looked like at night.

In the morning, I decided to move to Wenceslas Square. This square is huge, but does not look too nice. The main attraction is Wencelas Statue at one end of the square, together with the museum behind it.

After that, I checked out one of Cerny's most famous statues (tomorrow i will show it to you) and went to see the City Hall, which turned out to be a beautiful Art Nouveau building.

From there, I followed an itinerary in which Kafka's life and places where he lived were indicated. That brought me to the main square I showed to you in the first photo. And to the astronomical clock! One of the main tourist sights in town. Every hour, the 12 apostles come out of the clock and the death rings a bell, and some trumpets are blown... it takes around 1 minutes for all this to happen and actually, it is not as cool as it may sound...

After that, I went to see some synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery. I could see the inside without paying from a back window in a nearby museum. Actually, the view was just fine and I could have a glimpse of it just for free!

After that, I felt really tired and came back for some rest at the hostel after lunch. In the afternoon, with the Bruneian guy in my bedroom, Nazim, I moved well into town to visit two other places. The first one, a modern church which was proposed to be UNESCO World Heritage in 2007. Finally, it was not approved. It is called "Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord" and looks like this:

Next to it, Zizkov Tower stood high in the sky, with some babies trying to go upwards along it! This was the n-th crazy sculpture I found in Prague. Quite a nice city for that!!

And back downtown to have dinner and sleep... I was taking a flight back to the Netherlands at 6.30 next morning!!

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