Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chicago (四). Dinner at the 95th

One night we went for dinner to the coolest restaurant in all Chicago. It is located in the 95th floor of the John Hankock Center, the fourth tallest building in the US. The food was pretty good, but as you can possibly imagine, the main point of going there was enjoying the breathtaking view.

We asked for a table as near the windows as possible and if possible with view to the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the city and in the US.

This is the view of downtown Chicago with the nice view of the Sears Tower clearly outstanding in the skyline.

A closer view of the buildings around the Sears Tower:

This is the view of the lakeside. As easily appreciated, the lake area in black greatly contrasts with the lights in the city.

This is the other part of the building, looking out of town. There was a beach there, in that area.

And finally, after the dinner and once we were alone in the restaurant (we were the last customers leaving :), we had to come back downstairs... 95 floors in around 50 seconds... a fast calculation makes it 0.5 second per floor! We could even notice the change of pressure in our ears!!

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