Saturday, August 25, 2007

Housemates' dinner in Amsterdam

Yesterday, Jorge invited Felipe and me for a dinner in his new appartment in Amsterdam. He had recently been in Portugal and had brought good food: some kind of dark chorizo, fish, wine... It was the first time we were in his appartment once the furniture was mounted and I can say it was really nice!

Although we were there for dinner, sunsets are always a good opportunity to take nice pictures.

The food and wine were really good and the atmosphere very nice, but it was a warm night and we moved to a terrace in Rembrandtsplein (or whatever it is the spelling).However, we had to go downstairs which is not always easy in the Netherlands. They have the not so nice custom of buiding narrow and step staircases... Have a look at the last part of the way down to the street.

The temperature was surprisingly nice and it was interesting to watch the behaviour of Dutch people and the always present English tourists ;-)

Finally, we went to Leidseplein until the end of the night. Once there, we decided to enter Melkweg and join an indy party there. The music was not techno, which is already an improvement in this country, and time flew as usual... When having fun, time is like water, you cannot stop it when flowing fast...

Of course, some people in the club were kind of too affected by alcohol or naturally crazy XD

As usual, the worst part of the night was coming back home at 5.30! It is the right moment to have a snooze while travelling in the train.

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