Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicago (三). Lunch at Ed's

In Chicago, we also discovered real American food. One example was Ed Debevic's. This place was quite interesting. The place itself looked like taken from a movie in the late 60s and so were the waiters. Another funny thing was they tried to be rude with customers. It was normal to have your waitress come and shout in your ear: "Fast, eat it up and leave!!" They also performed some shows with music played loud in all the restaurant or started arguing, yelling at each other. It was full of American culture items... ejem... this is movie stars, some famous company items, the american flag and music related people. We also had to wear the funny hats you can see below. We took hamburgers, which were really good; nothing to do with McD. We also had one of the better things we tried in the US, bowls of chili. Basically, it was chili con carne with some extra ingredients such as cheddar cheese or macarroni. For some dollars, we had real fun and enjoyed nice food (yes, burgers can be nice food when the meat is alright)

Have a look here! Naochan's burger was with sandwich bread and with bacon and avocado!

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Rikel said...

Podías habernos ahorrado tu foto con el gorrito, juas, juas.