Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chicago (二). Millenium Park

One of the nicest places in Chicago is a park called Millenium Park (sorry, the article in Wikipedia is only in Spanish). There are many artistic expressions, such as a concert pavillion, fountains, sculptures, small gardens, a nice bridge...

The funniest place is a sculpture which has the shape of a water drop and whose surface is a mirror. The result is everything reflects and mirrors in the surface and due to the strange waterdrop shape, the angles are strange and cool compositions of images are created...

It is also nice to free your artistic spirit and take nice photos ;-)

Another place to highlight is the concert hall there. It is an open-air pavillion with some cool arcs and live classical music. The atmosphere is really nice: you are lying on the grass under a beautiful architectural piece and listening to classical music played by an orchestra.

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