Thursday, August 16, 2007

Edam and Volendam

Last Saturday, the weather was too good according to Dutch standards (22 degrees and sunny), so Seppo, Cynthia, Amruta and me went for some tourism. I decided we should go to some of the little towns north of Amsterdam. There were several options, but we decided to go to Edam firstly. So we took a train to A'dam and then a bus to the North.

After 40 minutes, we arrived at Edam, in the middle of the countryside. According to my guidebook, Edam is maybe the most beautiful town in the Netherlands. I was a bit reluctant to believe that, but it was actually quite nice. It is the typical cozy Dutch town which appears to have been taken from some fairy tale: canals, bridges, colourful houses and flowers everywhere.

Edam is internationally famous for Edam cheese. Together with Gouda, Edam is the most famous sort of Dutch cheese.

This is downtown. The typical narrow canal with a bridge and flowers and colourful stuff all around.

We were lucky and could see a small bridge being put up so a small boat could continue its way along the canal.

The town was really small so, after a while, we got tired. The girls decided to come back to Leiden, but Seppo and me stopped at a small fishermen town called Volendam and I don't regret having stopped there! It was quite nice and it was relaxing to sit down in the rocks in a pier in the North Sea.

These two visits were really nice and we could visit the 2 kinds of Dutch towns:

- the fairy tale town: Edam
- the fishermen town: Volendam

Two different aspects of this country I live in.

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