Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chicago (一)

Well, after almost one month without talking about my trip with Naochan to the US, I will write a bit about our 4-5 days in Chicago. I will not follow a log-wise style as I did for NYC, but I will deliberately be more chaotic ;-)

Well, today i will put some photos of the area around the Tribune Tower, one of the coolest buildings in Chicago, and some of Chicago style pizzas. If Chicago has to be defined in one word, it should be ARCHITECTURE. Buildings are so beautiful! In 1871, one third of the city was burnt by an uncontrolled fire and all the financial district had to be built from scratch. That makes most of the buildings very modern.

Chicago is also the city of Blues. There are many live shows in pubs and houses of blues downtown. Besides, here the first controlled nuclear reaction took
place thanks to the work of Enrico Fermi and others.

Well, here you have some photos...

The first one is the Tribune Tower, the building of the famous newspaper "Chicago Tribune". This is the beginning of a trendy shopping area called "the Magnificent Mile". Our hotel was in this area, and so was the conference hotel.

Next to the Tribune Tower, the Chicago river comes from Lake Michigan and gets into the city. The area which is the end of the Magnificent Mile and the beginning of the Loop (financial area) presents many beautiful skyscrapers and bridges over the emerald blue river...

If you continue walking along the Magnificent Mile heading North, you will arrive to our hotel, the Water Tower, John Hancock Observatory... This is a building next to our hotel.

And this is the view of the Water Tower from our bedroom...

One of the most typical things in Chicago are Chicago style pizzas. In my opinion, they are more like pancakes than like pizzas... The pizza base is more than 1 cm thick!!! The toppings are like in any other pizza, but with too much of everything ;-) That's American style :)

In this restaurant, you can also see why Chicago is the city of blues. Have a look at the picture of the Blues Brothers.

That's it for today!

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