Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pantano de Almansa

My home town has one of the oldest reservoirs in Europe. It is around 6 km far from downtown and it is a nice area due to the quantity of birds and other animals which live there. The oldest parts were built in 1584.

Lately, there have been some problems with its cleaning. Since it was built in 1584, it has been accumulating mud in its bottom. At the beginning of 2002, the depth of the reservoir was very limited due to the amount of accumulated mud. Therefore, it was decided to remove all that mud and to clean it. I didn't have any news about the cleaning process but today, my uncle Javi sent this photo to me.

For me, it is amazing how deep it actually was! I am a bit scared about where the leftovers of the mud where left... I am concerned they have just left them in a nearby area of in another swamp... Does some Almanseño know anything about this? Please tell me!

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Anonymous said...

Oh... somebody has discovered the secret ingredient of the Manchego cheese