Friday, August 17, 2007


Last Sunday, I went to visit Rotterdam. I had been the night before for a nice farewell party for Nacho, a colleague Spanish Trainee who is leaving for JPL/NASA this week. That night i noticed Rotterdam was nice and I had never visited the city, apart from shopping and partying.

The city is the second largest in the country after Amsterdam and in my opinion is the only place in the Netherlands that looks like a city. Historically, its city center was destroyed by nazis in 1940 and was built over after world war II. That is why the city looks so different from the rest of the country. This year, it is the world's architecture city or something like that. Actually, there are high buildings and cool designs. I was very surprised by this city and I would recommend a visit. One day or even half would be enough.

Not only buildings are cool. These lamp-posts move from time to time and their height changes:

This is a nice commercial area near the train central station. I read it is the first open shopping mall built in the world and they learnt how not to build them once they finished this one...

In this panorama of the city, it can be seen the only medieval thing that survived the bombings of 1940, a nice church, together with the modern high buildings downtown.

And some interesting/cool/bizarre buildings next to the cube houses...

And these are the famous cube houses, the Kubuswoningen. Can you imagine living in a place like this?!

And this is the old harbour, called (surprise!) the Spanish harbour. In the picture you can see it written (well, it means something like Spanish bridge...). Our influence during the years before the Golden Age is still in the country ;-)

This is one of the 2 cool bridges in the river. I don't remember its name... shame on me...

Ahhh, and this one is the other one, the famous Erasmus bridge. I took this picture because of the small beach created next to the river... It was cloudy and almost raining, but still, some people were trying to sunbath... Dutch...

Well, this has been Rotterdam!

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