Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vacaciones en Almansa

Yes, the title is right, holidays in Almansa, my home town. What a pleasure to go back home! It has been a ten-day holiday which has charged my energy up for the next months. The thing I enjoyed the most, besides family and friends, was the beautiful sun and the time spent in the swimming pool, just relaxing or refreshing. Temperature was extremely high, between 35 and 40 all the time, which made swimming even more pleasant!

I arrived on Friday morning and the differences with respect to the Netherlands were so clear... suddenly, there were mountains, the ground was brownish/yellowish with not so many vegetation, not a single cloud on the sky...

Next day, my family and I went to Alicante, where my uncle Javi lives and I could finally meet my new cousin: Daniel. He is less than one month old and for the moment he is tiny ;-) He will be like Pablo (my other cousin) in no time though!

And once in Alicante, I went to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea... I missed you friend, so vast, so blue...

These days, I relaxed in many ways:

1. Playing videogames. PS2 and PSP were one of the best ways to kill time... I bought "Need for Speed Carbono" and my brothers and I could finish it in 4-5 days. It was a nice time!

2. Of course, good food! Have a look at this paella, well, "arroz con puntas"...

And the star of my summer vacations! my friend the swimming pool!

There, I could:

3. Refresh... the temperature was so high that swimming was necessary and nice!

4. Do nothing... just relaxing and sunbathing under the last sun rays of the day...


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