Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Aggrolites

Last Thursday, I went to Amsterdam to a live house which I start to go to quite often: Melkweg. Well, the Aggrolites were playing and I decided to go and see them. I was going alone but finally Jorge Alves joined me.

The evening was really nice! The show started at around 9 o'clock and
continued for one hour and a half with once break in the middle. It was really good quality reggae and the band tried to involve the audience in the music. The result, a lot of fun! Have a look at some photos I took of the band.

And this is me and Jorge.

The member of the band came to the pitch and we could talk to them for a while. This was the bass guitarist with us.

And this is a sample of their music:

See ya in the pitch!

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Jorge ALVES said...

joer vaya maricon k paresco jaja la chavala de alquiler me corto la otra mana haciendo el bajo! sisi vaya escusa jaaaaa :D