Thursday, September 13, 2007

Japanese Caligraphy

My boss at the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Takata-san, invited me to his house for a whole weekend last summer. There he exposed me to real Japanese culture: Japanese caligraphy, go and of course, food(temakisushi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki...)!

Caligraphy was the thing I enjoyed most! It was really nice! Takata-san's daughter, , taught me how to do it! She had won some high-school awards in caligraphy, so she was an excellent teacher!! This is me struggling with the paintbrush to try to get something decent out of the experience!

And this is my teacher writing SAKURA (cherry tree).The final result is amazing!!


Finally, the following photo shows the result of a whole morning of practice!

You can notice easily which are mine and which are my teacher's! Anyway, it was an unforgetable experience!!


Rikel said...

"You can notice easily which are mine and which are my teacher's!"

Hombre, easily, easily, no sé... yo me la juego y digo que la tuya es la de la derecha.

Alvaro said...

Correcto! y gracias x decir que no es tan "easily"... jeje...

A ver si cuelgo el video que falta que el blogger este me ha enganyado!!

luisete said...

Cierto, no tan easily, pero la jodía tiene una caligrafía exquisita, cierto es.
Te lo has currao machote.
Un abrazo!