Saturday, September 29, 2007

Miniaturas de Warhammer

These days at home made me come accross many memories... it is amazing how fresh, and at the same time far, objects evoking memories look like... However far you run away and try not to look back on your past, memories will always end up finding you. It is not you look for them or come accross them, they finding you instead...

When I was at school, I used to play RPG such as HeroQuest. After some years, my friends turned to hardcore role games such as WarHammer or The Call of Tchulu and I decided to quit, as I didn't find them attractive. However, I kept the hobby of painting small miniatures from these kind of games. I found in my bedroom, two of them which I really liked: a dwarf and an elf. They have been painted for so many years... but they still look cool... I feel happy I could create something like that so many years ago (around 15 years ago now...)

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akycrack said...

Yo también pinté alguna pero me quedaron bastante cutres...nunca fue lo mio, en cambio jugando era el puto amo..jeje
Saludos desde Valencia