Monday, September 3, 2007

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo is a Spanish motorcyclist. If I should point something out about him, for sure it is his personality. In the five years he has been competing in 125cc and 250cc he has shown a very strong personality and great doses of self-confidence. According to him, he is the best. Well, last year he finally proved he is a really good rider and won the 250cc world championship with 8 victories. This year, he had the responsibility of defending the championship and he is even better! He is showing no weak points and offering no possibilities for the others to beat him. By the way, next year, he will ride a Yamaha in MotoGP and will be Valentino Rossi's team mate.

Well, I will stick to the point of this post... this morning he has won again! It has been his 8th victory out of 12 races, really good! But, as usual, the show has started the moment he has passed the finish line in the first position. He has stopped his motorbike, took his typical black "Lorenzo's land" flag and put on an armour, like a medieval soldier or a gladiator. Incredible! and when he has arrived at the paddock to go to the podium, he has put the flag in the circuit and put on a helmet that completed a quite interesting outfit! And that together with the ChupaChups he always has in the podium XD

In short, he is a great rider but only 20 years old... he should grow up and behave in a more mature way ;-) Or maybe that is what makes him special! Anyway, congratulations and i hope he can get many more races until he arrives at MotoGP! There, I will always support Pedrosa!! Vamos Dani!!!

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