Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My brother and his girlfriend, Rocio, have been in the Netherlands since last Friday (that's the reason why I am not updating the blog often this week). Last Saturday, we went to Belgium, to Brugge (Brujas in Spanish).

This city is quite famous and known as the Northern Venezia. Actually, Brugge in Flemish means Bridges. Therefore, you can figure out what the city looks like: canals plus bridges plus old pintoresque houses. Add all that together and you have Brugge. As my friend Jorge said it looks like an open-air museum.

As I feel a bit lazy and don't know the names of the places, have a look at the pictures to get to know the city.

Apparently, local ladies used to do bobbin lace (encaje de bolillos... in spanish ;-)
That tradition is now another tourists' attraction.

We had to travel more than 3 hours by train to get there and the same to come back but it was well worth it!! I am sure we will never forget our visit to Brugge!!

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