Thursday, September 20, 2007


After the visit to Brugge on Saturday, we were a bit tired and decided to take it easy on Sunday. Therefore, we watched Formula 1 and after lunch we made for Utrecht, just around 50 minutes away from Leiden.

I had never been there, so I wanted to go as well. From Utrecht, I only knew some peace treaties had been signed there and that this city is the city of Miffy, the rabbit-character designed by Dick Bruna.

Just after our arrival we could notice Miffy's influence. Have a look at the top of this building.

After that, we went walking around, just sightseeing. There were a couple of nice buildings and the highest tower with bell in the Netherlands! Of course, as any Dutch city, there were canals everywhere... Have a look at the pictures. ;-)

And after the walk downtown, we took a rest at a tapas restaurant down in the main canal. It was so relaxed and pleasant! A nice experience!

PS: Tomorrow I will come back to Spain for my birthday (23rd Sept!). Therefore, I won't write here at least until the weekend! Ciao Ciao


Pilar said...

Tu hermano podría pasar perfectamente por un holandés.

Alvaro said...

Jeje, la verdad es que no es muy distinto de ellos ;-)

De pequenyo nos lo intentaron robar unos alemanes en la playa! :)