Friday, September 28, 2007

My 25th birthday

My youth starts coming to an end ;-) and maybe my 25th birthday was the beginning of the end... hehe

Well, the only real thing is last Sunday 23rd September was my 25th birthday and I was in Almansa, my hometown, willing to celebrate it with my family and friends! Saturday night was spent with my friends downtown and on Sunday, I stayed in my countriside house with my grandparents, parents and brothers.

Saturday night started with a visit to our official Chinese restaurant, that restaurant to which we had gone so many times during High School and University...

After enjoying the marvelous taste of chinese food, we moved to another of our official places ;-) Beltran's grandmother's house. There we talked and drank some sangria to start the night in a happy mood!

Later, after 3 am, we moved to the pubs, to La Cabaña and El Codigo, to enjoy rock and punk music of all kinds. It wasn't hard to convince my friends... we are getting older and these places start being attractive for people of our age... hehe

As it is typical in Spain, we came back home early next morning... after a great night with all-time friends!

Next morning, I took my car and went to my countriside house were we watched MotoGP races and prepared for lunch with my family. My grandmother prepared Gachamiga, a traditional dish which doesn't look very nice but tastes superbly!! Thanx yaya!!

Of course, there was a cake and the typical candle-blowing and photos with my brothers and family!

And presents!!

Actually, it was extremely nice to come back home for such an occassion!


Toni said...
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Toni said...

uoooo... que zapatillas más poperas!!!! XD

Alvaro said...


En cualquier lado, cuadros blancos y negros significan SKA... asi que yo diria que son mas ska q otra cosa ;-)

Ademas, VANS es una marca asociada a los skaters... pq el compuesto de la suela agarra de puta madre! jeje... Si le dices a un skater q es un popero...

Yo las llevo pq molan y pq me las han regalao ;-)


martin said...

que es eso de que "it wasn´t hard to convince my friends"????

you know we were there ´cause it was your birthday, and you haven´t been here since 2 moths ago, si no, de que, gañan!!!!!!!!!!!jajjajajaja.