Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back in Leiden

I am finally back in Leiden after more than 1 week out of town. I have visited London with my family, enjoyed in my home town and visited Paris (Louvre Museum and Montmartre) before coming back to my "home" country. And met many of my friends: in London, Almansa and Paris! I will tell you about everything in the coming days. Now the weather is amazing here. Temperatures are slightly below 30 degrees and it is the time to bring all our summer clothes out of the wardrobe!

When it is sunny in here, this can be one of the most marvelous places on Earth where to live! As an example, this photo I took with my mobile phone some time ago.


Spangled said...

Hi, Gon! This is Ramón from Spain. Fine everything's ok back in Leiden. Please, could you post any picture taken during the Retreta? Martín is delaying the uploading of his pictures in juntafestera web, so if you could....

Thank you so very much. With love and drunk devotion,

Ramón (also known as "concuñao" ;) )

Alvaro said...

Hola Ramon!
Pues resulta que yo tampoco tengo las fotos de la retreta... tengo solo 2 o 3 que hice en el campo de luis... pero sin el disfraz completo... ya te las paso o las pongo aqui cuando vuelva de polonia (me voy manyana...)!
Ciau ciau!