Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fiestas de Mayo

After London, I went to my hometown, Almansa, in Albacete (Spain). It was time for resting, having good food and partying with friends! It was "Fiestas Mayores" time in Almansa... so there were plenty of things going on.

The first day I arrived, at night, there was a parade called Retreta in which I was going to take part... this parade consists of disguising and going along town in a good mood. Our disguise this time was hippies'. We bought some clothes and wore wigs and sun glasses at night... it was fun! I dont have any photo of all of my friends wearing that outfit. I only have this photo taken in the afternoon with only our wigs on.

Fiestas Mayores in Almansa means "Moros y Cristianos", and the nicest event in my opinion is a battle which takes places on 2nd May and during which Moors conquer Almansa's castle. Of course, I was there to see it! And took many videos... and a few photos.

The city hall was quite pretty with all those medieval things around.

These are some of my friends, Fer, Blanca, Luis and me, just during the event.

There were many seats in the square next to the castle but they were all occupied some hours before anything started!! Many people come to see it, even from out of town and it was hard to find a good spot.

And then, some Christians...

And some Moors, shooting their guns... Powder, fire and noise!! Nice!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gon, this is Ramón again! ;)

Thanks for posting the pics you took in Almansa. We look... you put the word XDDDD

Greetings from your concuñao,


P.S.- Animal de bellota, como no eches la solicitud para astronauta ahora que han sacado plazas, te muelo a hostias xDDD