Thursday, May 15, 2008


After my 4 days at my home town, it was time to come back to the Netherlands. I could not find cheap flights to Amsterdam, so I took an alternative solution: flight to Paris and Thalys train to Den Haag. I did it in such a way I could stay in Paris for around 9 hours.

In that time, I met Jorge and visited the Louvre museum, la Concorde, got to see the Arch in La Defense and went to Montmartre. Quite a lot! Paris is a city I have visited little by little. I've been there 3 times, but the first two were just for work. Therefore, I had visited or seen just some places... My first time I walked down from the Arc du Triumph to Eiffel Tower along the Champs Elyssees. My second time, it was time for Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter. And finally, I wrapped it up with my third visit!

This is me at the famous pyramidal entrance of the Louvre Museum:

And this is me with a cool Spanish picture within the Louvre:

We passed by the Place de la Concorde, where the famous Obelisque stands. Do you remember where it came from?? I will tell you in a few weeks, when I am back from Athens!

This is the Arch at La Defense, which is huge!

And finally, Jorge and me in Montmartre.

A nice express visit!

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