Friday, May 9, 2008

London with my family

After partying with Fred and Fabienne on Friday, on Saturday, I met my family. They arrived in the early afternoon and once we were all together, we made for the hotel. It was a few blocks north of Hyde Park. Therefore, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens were our first visit in London.

After that, we went downtown to have dinner in Leicester Square, in a Fish & Chips restaurant. After dinner, we visited a bit of Chinatown and went to Picadilly Circus and Oxford Circus. Here, my family in Picadilly.

The next day, we went downtown with the target of visiting all the main places in London. The first stop was Westminster Cathedral, where we killed some time until almost 11 oclock.

At around 10.30, we moved to Buckingham Palace to see the Change of the Guard. As usual, it was crowded and it was hard to see anything...

After that was over, we walked until Westminster Abbey and visited the cloister.

And after that, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Afterwards, on our way to Trafalgar Square, we passed by Downing Street, where the Prime Minister and some other ministers live. And had lunch in a pub... And then, we arrived at Trafalgar Square and visited the National Gallery.

As we still had some energy, we took a metro and went to the Tower of London!

And to the nearby London Bridge. As you can see, the weather was terrific at that time!

That was all for the day. Next day, our third day in London, we decided to take it easier and just visited the British Museum and Greenwich Royal Observatory.

In the morning, we visited the British Museum and saw some Egyptian sculptures, the Greek Parthenon and mummies. Plus many other things... Rosetta Stone was maybe the piece I liked most. After my visit to Egypt, it was kind of interesting to see the stone which made possible to understand all those monuments and ancient culture. There were many things taken from temples I had visited. After my visit to Athens, I will write a post with title "Connecting dots" which will talk about the connections among the different places I've visited in these last months. Well, this is Rossetta Stone:

After that, quick lunch and tram to Greenwich. The trip took around 40 minutes and we passed by the City (the financial area) on our way. Greenwich has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and that cathegory is certainly deserved! It was really beautiful. The first thing worth mentioning is the Royal Observatory:

And of course, Greenwich Meridian, which determines West and East. In this photo, one of my feet is in Longitude East and another one in Longitude West... hehe...

And this is the beautiful view from there.

Next day, we were coming back to Valencia. Therefore, we had a short walk in Notting Hill and visited Belvedere Road with its street market.

After that, we went to Victoria Station and took a bus to the airport. It was time to come back to Spain after 3 months!

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