Sunday, May 18, 2008


Last weekend I went to Krakow in the South of Poland with my housemate Felipe and my ex-house mate Jorge: therefore, we could call this a housemates' trip :)

Krakow is a nice city with a medieval city centre, with a castle, towers, churches... quite interesting and enjoyable! I was quite surprised that things were not cheap. In other Eastern countries, such as Czech Republic or Hungary, prices were quite low in comparison with the Netherlands. However, that was not the case in Krakow... and maybe not in Poland! The weather was also pretty nice as you can see in the following shots.

The first thing we visited was the Jewish Ghetto, Kazimierz, and then the castle. This is what the castle looks like from outside: a wall with medieval towers and some towers inside.

And this is a shot of the inner square, with a Krakow's cathedral and the castle palace. In this cathedral, Polish kings were buried.

In downtown, the main place is a huge square, actually the biggest medieval square in Europe, with a tower, a market and a beautiful church.

At the northern-most part of the city centre, there was a beautiful area with well-preserved walls. Downtown used to be surrounded by walls, now it is surrounded by a nice park.

At night, important building were nicely lit up. This is the Opera Theatre:

And this is back at the main square:

The trip to Krakow was quite intense. We visited the city on Saturday and then on Sunday, we moved to Tatra Mountains, between Poland and Slovakia, and on Monday, we visited Auschwitz/Bikernau extermination camps...

It started as a trip to Krakow and turned up to be a trip to the South of Poland ;-)

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