Friday, May 9, 2008

My next weeks...

Wow, once you start travelling, it is so difficult to stop! At the moment, I work hard during the week and travel during the weekends, which is pretty exhausting! But it is also a lot of fun!

Today, I have booked my last flight for this period and have the definitive list of flights for the coming months. I will visit these countries:
In May: Krakow / Poland (starting today!) and Bergen / Norway (trip to visit Morten and the fiords)
In June: Athens / Greece and Sofia / Bulgaria
In July: Naples / Italy (Salvatore's wedding)
In August: Morocco with my brother

That will make 29 my number of visited countries :)

From the middle of August, I will try to go to Asia, to visit Naoko in Japan and possibly other countries: Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China??

For the moment, this is my map of visited countries in Europe at the end of this period. All Western Europe is solid blue! (not considering Iceland, Faroe islands and another small states ;-) And most of Central and Eastern Europe have been visited too!

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