Thursday, October 16, 2008

And we continue winning!!

Spain in football is unbeatable these days!! We haven't been defeated in a couple of years now and we won the last Euro2008. Yesterday, we played in Belgium and the weather was not too good for good football. And they scored first... but in the end we won 1-2! And what a goal by Iniesta!! And Villa can't stop scoring goals!! :)


luiSete Almansa said...

Vaya pepa de iniesta. Cosa fina. Dejate de escuchar a Manolo Garcia que te vas a quedar alelao.
Un abrazo!

Alvaro said...

Jeje... La verdad es que Iniesta se esta saliendo ultimamente. Va a ver que hacerlo almansenyo por proximidad geografica! Y a Manolo dejamelo, que yo ya lo controlo! :)

Un abrazo!