Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A nice couple of photos from Downtown LA


Ramón Cantó said...

Nice pics, Álvaro!

And a nice car you got too, by the way... oh, and sorry, happy delayed birthday from Almansa, I deserve no mercy for forgetting that XD And please, if you ever come back to Las Vegas, go to 3710 Palomino Lane and ask for the man living in... and tell him Spain loves him xDDDD Bye, friend ;)

Alvaro said...

Thanks a lot, Ramon! Btw, who lives in that address? I should know before I go and find somebody "famous"... hehe
(note the use of quotation marks) :)
Un abrazo

Ramón said...

xDDD Michael vive ahí, tío, Michael vive ahí... el caso es que ahora dudo de si es el 3710 o el 2710... en fin, lo dicho XD Ahora ya en serio, cuidadín con el coche eh? Y como decía el Número 2 (Stevie Wonder) "si b.... .. ........." ;)

Un abrazote ;)