Sunday, October 12, 2008

Intro to Thailand

These days I dont have any free time to write here... Maybe I will have to come here on purpose and reserve 15 minutes per day to write in this blog.

Anyway, the thing is I have been a long time wanting to post some pictures from Thailand, but I just couldnt find the right time to do it. So, until I get some time to right something coherent, you can have a look at these photos to figure out what Thailand looks like! Btw, that country is amazing!!

Yep, that's pretty much what our trip to Thailand was like!

Some further descriptions in the near future!!

See you!! And leave your comments!!


Yebbey said...

How long was the elephant ride!? Did it feel like it was interactive or was it like train type of experience.

Alvaro said...

It was around 90 minutes and quite interactive ;-) I started on the back of the elephant and ended up riding it on its head! quite an experience! And it was in the middle of the jungle, everything covered in mud and vegetation. Quite nice!