Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top universities in the world

Today I found a just released ranking of the best universities in the world. This ranking has been published in The Times, the prestigious British newspaper.

The good point is that Caltech is in position number 5! Only Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford are supposed to be better than Caltech. And I am not sure that the Electrical Engineering programs they have there are better than here. At least, this (Caltech) is a pure science and technology university, which makes it more remarkable! And we are only 2000 people in campus!! And we have 1 Nobel Prize every 1000 alumni!! And Caltech manages JPL, a NASA associated site! Which university can beat that! :)

Yep, I am proud of being here ;)


Aitor said...

Just one spanish university... :(

Alvaro said...

Yep, it kind of sucks... but I still think Spanish universities, or at least ours, are good for undergraduate studies.
The problem is research... hehe...

Sergio y Nat said...

You can get the same for a thousand bucks... in Delft!!!! We even got an astronaut at the faculty!

I've been to 2 universities from that ranking, yahooo!!!

But I think a technology university ranking does more justice, check it out:

Now, thanks to you there your CalTech might beat MIT next year, for sure! ;)



Alvaro said...

Yes, a technology ranking makes more sense... but I would still extend it to science as well ;)
Some Science and Technology ranking would be better and for sure we would be in a higher position!! Biology and Chemistry are currently the best departments in campus.

As the famous T-shirt goes:
MIT... because not everybody can go to Caltech! :)

Sergio y Nat said...

yep, that one'd be cool also, but I ain't seen it yet either! Hopefully we'll in the future.

And I had never heard of that T-shirt before, nice one xD

ramón ;) said...

La ucam de murcia le da 20 vueltas xDDD Un abrazo ;)