Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Manolo Garcia

Manolo Garcia is a great Spanish singer and musician. His music is a nice fusion of Spanish traditional music and rythms close to rock or other kinds of music. And his voice is so particular. Lyrics are so good as well, it is pure poetry.

Well, this guy is the only thing I really like apart from punk and ska. Maybe it is because I grew up listening to him singing in El Ultimo de la Fila and those memories of my childhood are too nice. :)

His last work has been out for a couple of months now. But I can't stop listening to some of his songs these days. Maybe it is because now I am really far from everything I care about. ;-) This is the first single of his last album. Enjoy!!

Ahhh, I just found out I can't insert it in here... Well, follow this link and you will see the video and listen to the music! No estes triste. Manolo Garcia


JorgeSS said...

Que bueno es Manolo Garcia, di que si!
Un abrazo!

PS: 'Pajaros de barro' es inigualable! :-)

Alvaro said...

Asi asi!!

Y Carbon, ramas secas... en general todo su primer disco en solitario es increible!! Del Ultimo de la Fila me quedo con Astronomia Razonable :)

Lo ves como mis gustos musicales estan bien!! ;)

Ramón said...

Bueno, lo de que tus gustos musicales están bien... lo dejamos en cuarentena XDDDD

Que no, que no; sabes que siempre he respetado tus gustos y, en ocasiones, he coincidido en muchos de ellos.

Saludos ;)

Ramón "Spangled"