Friday, October 24, 2008

A photowalk in Caltech

Two weeks ago, I decided to go around campus in a free half-hour I had to take some photos of some of the most interesting spots in Caltech. Therefore, some interesting places are still missing!

This is the most recognizable building in Campus: the Beckmann Auditorium, used for conferences, talks and important presentations.

Just before getting to Millikan's pond.

Millikan's pond (maybe officially called Millenium Pond?):

Millikan's library, the tallest building in campus:

A wannabe Japanese pond nearby :)

And the famous canyon... It is from the Spanish-American war to take over California and has been part of the series of pranks between Caltech and MIT. MIT stole it from campus last year! and proudly exhibited it for a while in Massachussets!

One of the undergraduate houses whose name I simply don't know...

The Atheneum, kind of a theater... also used for etiquette dinners and other presentations.

Terrace at Chandler's Cafe. A nice place to relax in spite of American coffee.

And walking back to my lab. Check out how many trees and vegetation there is everywhere! Too much for this to be the end of the desert.

And finally, Moore Lab, my lab. Here is where my lab is and I will spend the next years of my life!

Next time, I will show you the Beckmann Institute, Catalina appartments, etc...


Sergio y Nat said...

cool campus! So there's where Milikan started it all... (seguro que te suena la gota de Milikan), and that Moore you say, is named after the same Moore that started the famous law? If so: cooool, hehe. The campus looks quite a quiet place, doesn't it?

Good luck with the assignments!


Alvaro said...

Yes, there is a book about Caltech's history called "Millikan's University". He measured the charge of the electron here. And yes, that Moore is the real Moore :) That's the cool thing about Caltech. And also Feynman was a lecturer in Physics for more than 30 years, Einstein was a visiting professor... This is definitely a cool place!

The campus is really small. Caltech has less than 2000 people in campus! counting on undergrads, grads, postdocs, visiting researchers and faculty!! The acceptance ratio for grad student applications is less than 2% because of this!