Sunday, October 26, 2008

San Diego. Old Town

Today, I did some homework and took an exam at home and realized I was mentally dead! So, it was time to make a break! I ate some ramen for lunch and got my camera and my car keys and started driving. The final destination: San Diego, the southernmost city in California, just next to Mexico. It turned up to be a 2h15m drive from Pasadena, so it is not that bad.

The place was incredible. A really beautiful city. It is a very typical SoCal city, small downtown with high buildings and huge neighborhoods where people live in low houses. But the beach was really nice. This is the California you see in the movies!! It is not LA, but San Diego!! Tomorrow, I will post some photos from the marina and the incredible sunset I saw today. Now, I will show to you what the old town looks like.

The old town is originally Spanish/Mexican and it is much bigger than El Pueblo de los Angeles in LA. It is also very well preserved. Most of that zone is only for pedestrians and it is a nice place to go back to the past :) It looks like some western movies!

This is the general view of the Old Town: small old Mexican houses.

Mexicans will be celebrating "El Dia de los Muertos" really soon! So they started preparing the decoration.

The church:

The market:

A caravan? That's been put there for tourists, right?

And a typical big house:

Do you know California flag? Have you ever seen it? Well, this is it: the Republic of California's flag!