Saturday, August 1, 2009

Capitol Reef NP

And when you think it can't possibly get redder... then you get to Capitol Reef National Park and can't really believe your eyes!!

The park is a wrinkle of the Earth crust that happened some millions of years ago. The feeling is you are surrounded by huge mountains so colorful it is difficult to believe. Mountains really looked painted!!

Just at the entrance of the park, there are some canyons with some "goosenecks" of a river. The short drive there in a dirty road is quite nice.

The normal way of visiting this park is following the around 15km scenic drive by the mountains. Every little turn of the road surprises you with unbeatable landscapes.

At the end, there is another dirty road that leads to Capitol Canyon, quite an amazing drive and quite an amazing canyon! Really narrow and high... claustrophobic...

And on the way back, more amazing views!!!

PS: Listening to Milo Goes to College by The Descendents

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