Friday, August 21, 2009

Grand Teton NP

After leaving Canyonlands NP, I came back to Moab for dinner and to fuel my car up. I was about to do one of the craziest things ever... To drive to Yellowstone! I really wanted to go, so even though I knew it was nuts... I just did it... After all night driving without much sleep, I went across Utah, Idaho and went into Wyoming. There, I stopped at Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton is a range of high mountains (more than 3500m high) with the particularity that they rise abruptly from an area with beautiful lakes. Therefore, they create a beautiful postcard like image ;)

In the main peak, there is even a glacier:

The image of the mountains reflected in the multiples lakes in the NP was really nice.

There was a large dam...

... and opportunities for water sports.

As often, I preferred going for a hike, during which I could meet some mountain animals...

... and enjoy some hidden treasures.

Some panoramas of Grand Teton: