Thursday, August 27, 2009

On The Road

My last road trip last for 9 days and was 5000km long. I passed by California, Nevada,Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Not bad!! As you can imagine, I saw many different landscapes and I had the opportunity to take some photos on the road.

State panels:

- Arizona (sorry for this one, not too clear!)

- Utah (click on the image to see it better...)

- Idaho

- Wyoming

- Montana

I passed by Mormon towns in Utah...

... striped hills in the desert...

... and amazing road cliffs in Utah.

I drove so much that, in one night, the landscape changed dramatically! From the red lands in Utah desert to the green scenery in Idaho/Wyoming/Montana. Quite a change!!

And on my way back, I went through Nevada Great Basin and enjoyed the views.

I also found trucks which can be driven in both senses (forward and backwards) ;P

And had to drive in horrible weather conditions in some mountain passes.

The last night, I could also enjoy a beautiful sunset as I approached Las Vegas.

So many hours behind the wheel give you much time to think and to enjoy the landscape. You can empty your head and just enjoy the drive. Quite a nice experience!


Rikel said...

No te encontraste con el "típico" asesino ¿en serie de carretera?
Pero si sale en todas las pelis, es un must-see de la américa profunda.

Alvaro said...

Por suerte, no me encontre al mítico personaje de Javier Bardem, ni tuve que lidiar con gente de esa calaña... jeje...

Tuve que dormir dos noches en gasolineras en medio de la nada, y si lo hubiese pensado mejor y no hubiese estado completamente reventado...