Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arches NP

My last day in Utah was pretty crazy. I woke up in a hostel in Moab and went to Arches National Park early in the morning.

Arches NP is one of the most amazing places I have been too. It is really cool and there are soooooo many arches!! But, an important piece of advice, if you do not do any hiking, you will simply see nothing and come back home disappointed!! This is a place to hike, walk, climb and enjoy. Some hikes are kind of hard if you are not used to hiking: rock climbing, big falls is you are not careful, long distances... But if you go for it, it is amazing! :)

The park is full of geological oddities: arches, rocks on top of rock pillar that could fall at any moment, colorful mountains...

This one is Balanced Rock:

The gem of the park and the symbol of the state of Utah is Delicate Arch. That arch is superb! It is really amazing when after hiking (strenuous hiking) for more than hour you get there. Really beautiful!

Hiking allows you can stop and contemplate beautiful places and details:

And sometimes it is the only way to get to some of the park highlights: Landscape Arch for example

This is Partition Arch:

And this one, Navajo Arch:

The hike to double-O arch is long and quite hard but pretty rewarding. I really liked it. The landscape was beautiful and rock climbing quite often:

This is Double-O Arch, a complex arch composed of two openings, one on top of the other! Bizarre, isn't it?

This is Skyline Arch:

This is the narrow opening in the rocks which leads to Sand Dune Arch:

And Sand Dune Arch:

Broken Arch:

Turret Arch, in the Windows complex:

The Windows:

Double Arch:

Quite an amazing place! Much more than expected!! The park is full of beautiful arches that will take your breath away!! ;)

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