Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yellowstone NP (VII). Old Faithful

Old Faithful is one of the most predictable geysers in the world. It erupts around every 90 minutes and predictions for the next eruption are really accurate. Check this one out: they give a time plus minus 10 minutes!! That's accurate!

Of course, many people gather around the geyser waiting to see a safe eruption. Safe because you know it will happen, unlike most of the other geysers.

After some waiting, the geyser went off in time. Good! Faithful! ;) The eruption was really high. Not only is it really regular, but also quite spectacular.

Near Old Faithful, there are many geysers and pools with beautiful colors.

Some small geysers went off as I passed by!

More pools and nice scenery:

Some geysers are also quite regular but the possible time for eruptions is quite long... I do not know if I would feel like waiting for 4 hours...

This one is Beauty Pool...

... and this one Chromatic Pool.

Some strange shaped geyser whose name I do not remember, with some smaller one erupting behind.

Grotto Geyser also started erupting when I passed by! That one was pretty cool and long!!

At the end of the hike lied one of the most beautiful pools in Yellowstone, and one of the symbols of the park: Morning Glory Pool.

Back towards the trail head, I passed by Castle Geyser, which has a nice shape!

I spent around 90 min in my hike around that area, so I got to Old Faithful in time for another show. :)

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