Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natural Bridges NM

After maybe the drive of my life, I arrived at Natural Bridges National Monument before it got dark. I got the last campground spot and slept there.

In the morning, I visited the park. The highlight of this NM is 3 nice natural bridges. As soon as I started my visit I understood a very important thing: if you do not hike near the bridges, do not bother even going to this park! It is frustrating from the viewpoints, but extremely rewarding from down there!! And the hikes take only from a half hour to one hour, so it is just fine! Seriously, HIKE!! GET OUT of your car!!

This is what the largest bridge looks like from the view point! Deception is the name of the feeling... ;)

This is what it looks like when you go closer: COOL!

And thanks to hiking, I could also spot some nice eagles!

This is the second bridge. This time, I did not bother going to the viewpoint; I just went down there.

And the third one. Quite fragile looking... so long and narrow... it looks it is going to break at any moment!!

From below, it looks like a dinosaur's neck... hehe...

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