Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canyonlands NP - Needles section

After visiting Monument Valley, long drive North with a stop at Canyonlands National Park. This NP is divided in three sections which are very different and completely isolated. You cannot go from one place of the park to another. They actually look like different NPs!! So different!!

The Colorado and the Green river get together in the middle of the park and that divides it in three areas. The Northern one is called Island-In-The-Sky and you will see why tomorrow. The SouthEastern one is called Needles, because of some funny geological structures there.

First, I went for a short hike where I could see some Moon-like terrain...

... and some mushroom-like huge boulders.

The landscape was pretty cool - Canyon Lands ;)

Then, I went for the real hike, to the place where the two rivers get together. That hike is amazing and pretty technical. You need some skill and pass by narrow trails exposed to huge falls... can be kinda scary if you are not used to hike ;) Also, some moderate climbing involved. My shorts got torn... hehe...

After hiking for around 1 hour (some parts running), I noticed I could not make it to the rivers confluence, so I just gave up. The landscape was rewarding enough! I got up to a point where a large red plain could be seen. I guess the confluence was not that far, but I did not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, without a torch and without Moon at night... a bit frustrating... I should have prepared the hike better!!

Anyway, this NP was cool. It is really backcountry and not much people there. :)

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