Thursday, August 20, 2009

Canyonlands NP - Island In The Sky section

After visiting Arches NP, I went to the nearby Canyonlands NP. Some days ago, I talked about that park, the Needles Section. This time, I visited Island in the Sky. Both parts of the park are so different that they could well be two different national parks! Besides, the entrances are so far away!!

Island in the Sky is an amazing place for photography and to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Basically, it can't get much better than that! The name comes from the fact that you are on top of a mesa, looking down at Canyonlands, where the Colorado and the Green river advance lazily towards the point where they meet and become one. This is a place to relax. To sit by the edge of a cliff and watch the view for a long time, until you cannot take any more of it. It is a place to be enjoyed slowly and intensely.

The rest of this post is some photos and panoramas I took there. Please click on each of them to see them properly. The landscape was so breathtaking that it was difficult to get it all in a couple photos... but I tried my best! ;)

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