Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glen Canyon NRA / Lake Powell

After leaving Capitol Reef NP, you get into a place on Earth were civilization is unknown. No towns, gas stations or whatever for around 300km!! So fuel up your car and enjoy. The drive south from Capitol Reef to the SouthEast along Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is probably one of the best drives you will have in your whole live. Not kidding. The scenic beauty of the landscape can't get beaten. If you go there during sunset, you risk getting involved in an accident! ;) You just can't keep your eyes on the road!!!

The landscape is where Western movies happened back in the 60s. I was expecting meeting some John Wayne like character :) or being attacked by Native American arrow shot from the top of some of the uncountable buttes.

In the heart of Glen Canyon lies Lake Powell. A new dam in the 20th century created this artificial lake. The Colorado river creates one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. It is just mesmerizing...

And then, your drive continues and the dim warm light of dusk makes it even better!!

Those long straight line road crossing the desert like arrows... unforgettable!!

PS: "13 stitches" by NOFX and some Bad Religion

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