Tuesday, July 14, 2009

400 posts!!

That was post #400!! It took two years and several months to get there. But my blog made it among many other blogs which only lived for a couple months! And now it is back in good health: frequent posting and around 50 visits a day. Thank you to all of you who read me from time to time!! :)

400 POSTS!!


Ramón - Spangled said...

The point is not the number; the point is most of your 400 posts are great.

Greetings from Spain,

Ramón - Spangled

P.D.- Nene, ayer llegué de Londres y estoy como un zombi de Thriller xD ;)

Alvaro said...

Thanks Ramon!! That's a nice comment :) =Motivation to keep on with this!!

Londres... espero que por lo menos disfrutases de la ciudad y eso. Como se dio el viaje?