Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road trip to the North

Another crazy road trip and I think I am done with them... too hard...

On Friday at 12am (yes... without sleeping...) I started driving North. The destination was Redwood NP, a 12h drive from Pasadena!! I drove as much as I could and slept for a couple hours in a rest area in I-5. Then, I continued driving until I got there. I reached my destination in far North California at around 2pm. Then, all day visiting Redwood National Park. Next day, drive to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and visit to it and to Oregon Caves National Monument. I slept in Weed, CA, next to Mount Shasta, the highest mountain in California. Yesterday, I finished driving to Lassen Volcanic NP, visited it, hiked the highest volcano there, some other hikes and drove all the way back home. I got home at 5am with no more energy for any more driving or anything!! ;) But the places I visited were amazing!!

Me happily standing next to Crater Lake, Oregon.

And I have visited almost all the American West!

And I can say I have visited many places in California... (the pinned ones in the next map):

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Ramón - Spangled said...

".... happily standing next to..."

Yo hubiera dicho "...standing with pardillico-face..." xD

Un abrazo, Mr. Phileas Fogg ;)