Saturday, July 18, 2009

Commencement at Caltech

Last Friday 12th June, I got my Master of Science degree in California Institute of Technology, one of the top 5 universities in the World.

The Commencement ceremony, this is the ceremony where diplomas are handed over, was a nice one. It was a nice experience and a proper graduation... not like in Spanish universities...

The day started cloudy and even some rain drops dared falling from the sky. Anyway, many people got together to celebrate the graduation of a few hundred students.

The key note speaker was Nobel Laureate Steven Chu, who has also been appointed Secretary of Energy recently. His speech was a nice one and proved he is a funny guy.

The ceremony was kind of long and diplomas were handed over one by one. Me waiting for all the diplomas to be delivered.

This is when I got mine from the President:

After and before the ceremony, it was time for photos with friends and family:

- With Alejandro, Pelayo and George

- With Atsushi:

- With my family

- With Melo

Then, it was time for the official lunch, which was more intimate than expected. Only my family in the table we were sitting at ;)

After lunch and before leaving campus, there was time for some more photos with friends, in this case, with Alejandro in the book store:

A nice day to wrap up the academic year and the Master degree.


Ramón - Spangled said...

Pues Londres fue agridulce, ya lo puedes imaginar. Fuimos por la tarde al estadio y había mogollón de gente, pantallaca gigante con vídeos y tal y muuuuchos posters, folios y dibujos con dedicatorias (mine included).

Por cierto, qué bien luce Chabelacas en las fotos :p

Hale, saludicos.

P.D.- Me cargué accidentalmente una silla de tu campo :s

martin said...

parece que a guillermico le ha llegado la epoca de lo granos.....jejejejejeje.....

SeppoYCynthia said...

Muchos felicidades Alvaro por tu Caltech diploma! :=) Tercer Master para ti!? Que padre!!