Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zion NP - Kolob Canyon

When you pass Las Vegas on I-15, you find yourself in the middle of the Nevada desert. A really rough desert. But little by little, the ground starts turning reddish and mountains and canyons start appearing. After one hour driving, you get to Mesquite, a legendary road town. From there, you go briefly into Arizona and then permanently into Utah. At that time, the landscape is extremely beautiful. Everything is red around you! Even the concrete used for roads is reddish! (After some days in this land, even your skin starts getting red when you soak the landscape in... ;) )

My first stop was Kolob Canyon, which is part of Zion National Park. It is isolated from the rest of the park, and because of that, I will describe it here independently.

This part of the park consists of a scenic drive in Kolob Canyon of around 5-6 miles. It basically goes up in the mountains so you can get to a nice viewpoint on top. The landscape is beautiful from up there. I leave you now with some photos. This part of the park does not have much more (that I know...).


Ramón - Spangled said...

Te lo dije en el post de los casi 6000 km y te lo digo ahora: que rulen las fotos (la segunda de este post es increíble!!).

Un abrazaco, concuñao ;)

Alvaro said...

Vendran poco a poco, pero llegaran! ;)